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Precision Recycling Industries

Precision Recycling Industries is a leading supplier of both 100% post-industrial (PI) and post-consumer (PC)Precision Recycled Glass Media. Made from 100% recycled glass, PRI’s glass media meets all state and federal requirements for recycled materials for LEED and NSF 140 certifications. From our distribution locations nation-wide, PRI can supply our glass media products to our customers within easy freight distance from coast to coast.

Click to learn more about LEED Certification.

PRI provides media to your specifications, with products such as:

  • Glass fillers from 2.38mm to .044mm for polymers, epoxies,adhesives, etc. where recycled content is required.
  • Various colors of recycled glass for the terrazzo tile flooring, wall treatments and countertops. Sizes from #2 to #00.
  • Abrasive blasting media (New Age Blast Media®).
  • Coarse Recycled Glass Media for slip resistant surfaces.
  • Recycled beads for paint and plastic applications.